Drops were recently revamped here is a short list of what can be found in the drops. The chance something will be a blueprint for armor and weapons has been increased, red drops have a higher chance at blueprints for the gear available.

WHITE DROPS – Starter drops here you will get some darts a longneck some pods and some armor with a little element.

WHITE BONUS DROPS – Similar to the standard white drop but with hazard gear.

GREEN DROPS – Asc Saddles with chance for BPs

GREEN BONUS DROPS – Ammunition a GPS, Spyglass, and Wyvern Milk can be found here

BLUE DROPS – Tek, Element, Dye Coloring (some are recipes), Some skins

BLUE BONUS DROPS – Element, Z/X/Y Seeds, Kibble, Tek, Zip Lines

PURPLE DROPS – Element, Tek Building Supplies

PURPLE BONUS DROPS – Element, Artifacts and Boss fight items ALSO Cementing paste and Metal ING!

YELLOW DROPS – Element, Tek Building Supplies, Industrial Items, Fabricator

YELLOW BONUS DROPS – Similar to above with some extra tek gear and supplies, teleport

RED DROPS – Element, Tek Building Supplies, Tek Saddles (50% chance at BP) Teleport, Turret, Troughs

RED BONUS DROPS – Similar to above but you also get BPs for Tek Weapons, Tek Saddles, Tek Armor AND Replicator/Cloning Chamber

CAVE AND DEEP SEA DROPS – These will have the same contents as the above bonus drops of the same color

BEAVER DAMS – 2k CP, Element, X/Y/Z Seeds, Rare Flower, Rare Mushroom, Longneck with a chance of BP at 50%

BOSS FIGHTS – 1500, 3000, 4500 element for respective level of boss fight