Your donations help keep the server active and allow us to add more slots and eventually if we get there more servers to add as a cluster.

There are two ways to donate:

  • Using the Nitrado app, you can download this on your Xbox for free in the Apps section, create a free login, and go to the Server Boosting section. Our Nitrado Boost Code is: yqlj6exs
  • Using PayPal, just click the link on the <—— Left side of the screen and it will open to the PayPal donation screen.

We appreciate your support in our quest to create a healthy gaming community.

What do donations do?

Your donations go to adding uptime to the server, using the Nitrado App on your Xbox it directly adds time to the server. Using PayPal we immediately send your donation to the Nitrado boost to add server uptime that way. Once we reach 365 days of uptime on the server we will start the voting process for the next map to be added to the cluster.

The Nitrado app adds the following time for the listed donation

Small Donation: $.99 cents – adds 22 hours 36 minutes uptime

Medium Donation: $4.99 – adds 4 days 17 hours 56 minutes uptime

Large Donation: $9.99 – adds 9 days 12 hours 61 minutes uptime

X-Large Donation: $19.99 – adds 19 days 26 minutes uptime

Donations for Dinos

Donations to the servers uptime also reaps its rewards. The following is what you can get for your donations and the donation amount for each.

Color a Dino – Want a dino colored a very specific way you can do that with a $2 donation to the server

Spawned Regular Perfect Tame Dino (spawned at 600 PT) – $3.00/dino donation OR $5.00 donation for a breeding pair

Reaper King (lvl 675) – $5.00 donation

Reaper Queen (lvl 700 cannot be colored) – $15.00 donation

Basilisk (600 PT) – $3.00 donation

Alpha Rex, Carno, Raptor, Wyvern, Crab, etc (lvl 600) – $10 donation

Wyvern any type (lvl 801 PT) – $5.00 donation

Enraged and Corrupted Dinos (lvl 600) – $10 donation (these cannot be put in a cryo pod)

Rock Drake (lvl 600) – $3.00 donation

Titanosaur (lvl 600) – $20.00 donation

When making a donation please note your gamer tag, in game name as well please and what the donation is for so we can note to the other admins. Please be patient with admins we do not have one on all day long so you may just need to request a time an admin can fill a donation but we are typically really quick and can take care of you within the day.

We really appreciate all the support we have received and look forward to building up the community. Thank You!