• There shall be no Human names or tribes
  • There shall be no more than 4 Behemoth gates per base
  • There shall be no more than 1 tek shield per base
  • Each tribe is allowed 1 main base, 1 small outpost, 1 small water pen
  • There shall be no kiting
  • There shall be no pillaring people in or structure spamming
  • There shall be no mass breeding or unattended offline breeding in other words don't leave breeding bombs we will wipe people who are offline breeding (accidents do happen so there is admin discussion)
  • There shall be no blocking or paths, entrances, or artifacts
  • Be kind to your neighbor this is a community of PvE players not PvP
  • Dinos left on OBs will be taken or destroyed
  • Turn Replicators, Transmitters, Forges, etc OFF when logging off to decrease lag - if we have to we will pop a door to turn something off for you.
  • Dinos left wandering or to rot will be taken or destroyed
  • Transmitters are not needed other than for materials please do not put them up at least turn them off if you do they cause lag
  • Oil Wells please leave unlocked so everyone can use them same goes for gas collectors
  • Do not pick up other players picking is on so we can bring dinos back to base to tame
  • Have fun that is the point of the game

Everyone is responsible for reading and knowing the rules they are clearly posted and not intended to make anyones gaming experience lessened. They are simply intended to maintain a civil community of players in a mostly lag free environment.