Welcome to Midgard ARK. We are a community of players that enjoy ARK survival evolved. Please be sure to read the rules and join our Discord before joining our server.

Server Name: [US] Midgard 24/7-Boosted-EasyTek-Events-InstaTame

Server Settings

  • Hatching 150X
  • Max Dino Level 600
  • Maturation 85X with working imprints
  • Some small dinos do not imprint everything else you can get 100%
  • Instant Tame
  • Breeding Interval slightly less than official to prevent breeding bombs
  • EasyTek drops are super boosted with Tek and Element and more!
  • Dinos added currently we have added, Gachas, Gasbags, Owls, Manas, Enforcers, Scouts, Featherlights, Shinehorns, Velos, Griffins, Glowtails, Reaper Queens, Nameless, Rock Drakes, Vultures
  • Rock drakes do NOT lay eggs even though they are added to the server
  • Stacking in BIG stacks including milk, mutton, prime
  • Harvesting boosted as well as most all other stats and levels
  • MAP: Valguero
  • 32 Slots